Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our church showed part of this video on Sunday. Not only did we love the graphics/fonts/etc on it....we loved the message! It's always hard in America to put "the Christ back in Christmas". So now I am going to start praying over our gift giving choices this year. Wish I would have thought about that before.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. & I'm so excited. About the family, friends, food, football & the PARADES!! I love watching the parades in my pjs! Just thinking about it warms me up & gets me excited!

It's 10:35 pm EST & everyone in the house is asleep except for me. Last week was hard on me. I'm not used to being emotional, so when all the things that came up last week did, it pushed me over into a world I'm not used to being in. I cried more times than I have in the last 10 years combined. (I'm not exaggerating). We had a HUGE goodbye. It was a great one, but so very hard for me. The kids got lice, on my birthday. I felt like a monkey picking at their hair for hours. I think it's all gone now. Praise the Lord!! Unexpected errands came up, the house got messy, R got busy with work & side business...but it all calmed down this past weekend. & It started with....a new vacuum!! YAY!! well, & a new purse....YAY again! That was my therapy, shopping for a new purse w/ birthday $ (thanks Don & Marty!) & a JCPenney's coupon. Oh I have grown to love JCPenneys. & the vacuum...well, apparently ours didn't do so well in storage. It was working for the past year, but last month it finally died. so I borrowed mom's a couple of times, then when the lice came, I went right to Sears to spend a crazy amount of $ on a really good one. & boy is it!!! It has this "intelli" system which is this dirt sensor. If the light is red, boy, the carpet is nasty, then orange means getting cleaner, and green, clean! I spent over an hour on each room downstairs & about that much upstairs & on the stairs themselves. filled up 1.25 bags. YUCK-O!! & yet somehow so wonderful. It was amazing therapy for my overworked emotions. Now just a bit more organizing/cleaning out & I'll be even better.
Maybe I'll head to bed now. I think I've hit that point of either going to bed, or pushing on & getting another wind which will keep me up to probably 2 am. & I promised the kids waffles tomorrow. so off to bed for me. goodnight!!! ml

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 months?

I am 1 day away from not having posted for 2 months. wow. I must say they have been a blur!! here's the main headlines:

1. D starting school!! He has not cried since the 3rd week of school, PTL. If he went a whole week without crying he got to camp out in the backyard overnight, so he made it a week, then it just clicked! yay!! Also last month he turned 6. wow!! All he wanted to do was go camping, so last weekend he, his sister, dad & a friend & her dad went camping & fishing at the State Park. They had a wonderful time! He won't touch worms, so A had to do that part for him. :)

2. A has started Pre-K! Initially we wanted her home for the whole year, so she could get some more focused attention, but she was getting bored & I was a bit nervous about her having a hard time adjusting to full time school next year like D did this year. It's just half day, only 3 hours actually, but she is LOVING it!! She's so tired from it though that she fell asleep in her bean bag chair after her first day.

3. Fostering is still going well...I think each new child will be a new thing for me to learn, new area for God to grow me in. Marriage-level one of realizing how selfish I am. Parenting-level 2,3 & 4 of realizing my selfishness, and Fostering----off the charts. But we are loving it! We can't post any specifics, so email or call if you want to know more on that.

4. My sewing-was going strong again, then recently due to many sleepless nights has come to a screeching halt. I'm starting to pick it up again. Last week I listed a candy cane set that was so fun to do. This week & next I'm getting ready for a Christmas Sale a friend is having. I'm making clippies, headbands, quilted coasters, and some smocked items.

5. Lastly...our new president. All I'm going to say is that my thinking & views have been stretched like never before in the last year. A good portion of that is due to my husband & his studying up on it all, & another huge portion is from some articles from Relevant Magazine. Robbie subscribes to it, but when I get the mail & it's in there, I devour it before he gets home. It is amazing & I ask you to spend about 10 minutes reading this link from their Sept/Oct issue, and maybe reading the note to the future president that the editor wrote yesterday, before the results were in. Basially, no matter who our president is, as Christians we are to "live in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called" (Ephesians)

6. Some recent pictures (the one of the kids together is from A's first day of Pre-K last Friday, yup, halloween! they are actually the same height, but I guess I took the pic at an odd angle so D looks really short!