Friday, September 5, 2008


God has definitely been teaching me lately about fully trusting Him.
It started with another Pine Cove retreat scheduled on one of the 2 days a year I really need Robbie at home while I go work & shop at a big Children's Consignment Sale. (Pine Cove has all kinds of retreats for their staff all the time, and this is the second time in a row one has been scheduled on the CCC Sale Day!!) I was so upset about it I griped & complained to everyone who would listen, even though I had very clearly heard God say to trust Him, not worry, and not complain. I chose to disobey. & 2 days later the retreat was changed to where Robbie would be home in time to watch the kids. I failed the trust test. So God's been giving me opportunities to learn to trust him. Here's a few ways:

Trusting God w/ my son.....D had his first day of school last Monday. His teacher is the tough one out of all 5 of them. She was determined to call him by his legal first name, and even after telling her that he goes by his middle name, she wrote his first name in permanent marker on his backpack. I knew God was telling me to trust Him. To not be that parent that immediately starts griping, but to pray about the situation, continue to write his preferred name on all notes to her, and leave it at that for at least a week. NOW...she does call him D, w/o us having to say anything. & I think he needs a tougher teacher. (his first week of school was great. this week has been really rough. He's cried every day I've dropped him off. Today he got so worked up that he threw up & had to go to the nurse. Right when I walked in the door from dropping him off my phone rang about it. I said I would come get him if they thought I needed to, but his teacher wants him to stay & learn to be okay. This new early schedule has been really hard on all of us....him esp. & he's really never been away from me/home. This is a big change. I am praying for him to be tougher, and for his teacher to have extra patience & wisdom with him.)

Trusting God w/ our finances & transportation....The same night of the first day of school our van was found to need a new transmission. So the next day we wrestled w/ our budget & if we should just get a "new" vehicle, or have ours fixed. We decided to fix it, so Robbie & I shared the blazer all week. It was a bit humbling driving into an elementary school where 97% of the other vehicles are things like Sequoias, Hummers, New Mini Vans, Big Nice trucks, etc...But D though it was a blast, bc he gets to ride in the front since the Blazer is so old it doesn't have any air bags....

Trusting God w/ more finances & our new house....Either Tues or Wed morning I came home from taking D to school to find Robbie dumping buckets of water out from our AC unit in the attic....and seeing all the wet spots & holes in the ceiling in the baby room. An hour later the guy who put in the unit came & fixed it and it's been fine. the ceiling actually just will need a little putty & some paint & will be fine.

Trusting God w/our fostering license....The state of TX does random intense inspections on their foster homes. We were selected for it, and w/in 24 hours of receiving the note a date had been set up. It was a pretty tense day, but PTL that we passed. She found a few things that needed to be fixed, but they are fixed & now we are clear. What needed to be fixed? well, 2 of our cabinet locks weren't working, bc they're the doors we use all the time. so I tightened them & now they're fine. Also the fire marshal on her inspection last Jan had noted that we needed to get a fire ladder for upstairs & I didn't know it was so mandatory since she didn't make it sound like it when we were talking, but apparently on her report she said we needed to get it and we hadn't. 2 hours later I had bought one online & it is here. Sometimes the weight of all the requirements for fostering are more than my emotions can bear.

All in All we are doing really well. The house has been quieter w/ just the 3 of us here. We've been busier w/ many appointments. not my favorite, but it's easier w/ 2 kids than 3! & PTL it's Friday!!!

here's a pic of D's first day of school:

I am off to read the Bible then maybe get a bit of smocking in!!

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