Saturday, September 6, 2008


Is it really that time of year? My FAVORITE time of year??? This morning I got to open up several windows and it was actually cooler outside than in. It will only last a couple more hours probably, but it's a beginning of a wonderful season! College football has started up and I am so excited about that!

I must have been a little down yesterday when I posted. I think the whole thing w/ D throwing up at school bc he was so sad just got to me. Then I worried about his teacher. & instead of spending time w/ God (like He was nudging me to do), I wrote. So please don't think I'm down, I'm actually happy w/ where our life is right now! When I picked D up from school I chatted w/ his teacher for a moment, and it was the opposite of what I expected. She said he was saying the cutest things while he was crying & that she walked him around school and let him be her helper. & that she appreciated me being honest about his crying (bc sometimes he does this at home too)!!! God definitely is in control of all things, I definitely am not, & cannot be! Shouldn't that give me comfort instead of angst?

We did decide to get the kids in bed, lights out at 7. and last night we made it!! YAY!!! so we were all much more alert when we got up at 6:50 this morning. yes, we got up early on a SAt. we HAVE to keep this routine up or every Monday will be torture! & it is 9:15 & I've showered, washed 2 loads of laundry, R has mowed & is onto another project. wow!! a few weeks ago I'd just be getting to breakfast!

Anyways, I just had to give ya'll an update & cheer for Fall!! YAY!! go FALL!!!!

Also I've gotten to sewing again and hope to post some pics/thoughts on that soon!!!
All kinds of new ideas are flooding my head. I need to get them in some sort of order/drawing book or I'll forget them. Right now I'm smocking a cute little Halloween outfit....3 little bears all dressed up for halloween, like a frog, a witch, and a princess. It'll be a OOAK (One of a kind).
Also I'm thinking of some custom bibs that I hope to start working on in the next few mind is whirling! & I must go fold laundry & watch TLC since everyone else is off doing their own thing. Robbie is working on the treehouse. A is playing w/ the kitties (as she does for probably 60% of every day!) D is playing w/ his new transformer! & I must leave it at that for who in our household is doing what.


Kyle and Vanessa Jones said...

hey ml, good to get an update. big news and events for you. keep learning from the Lord. i went thru deep stuff this summer too. i can share more later. also...BA beat Union last night!! whoo hoo! it's been like 20 something years. it was fun. thought about you all a lot. i'll try and post about it. my sis in law did if you want to read her blog. we'll catch up soon.

Christa said...

Hey, just caught up on your past couple of posts. How is Davis doing so far this week? Thanks fo sharing what the Lord is teaching you. I am always encouraged when people share their journey. I just wanted you to know that I pray for Davis whenever I think of him. I am saying a prayer for him right now. Miss you! If you can make it Friday I would LOVE to see you. I know it is hard on you but please come as often as you can handle it.