Friday, August 1, 2008

political rantings, a goose-egg, Ratatouille, & our SC trip

Yup, that's a LOT to put in a post, but here goes:

1. Ok, so come on!! is anyone as sick of all the media & presidential candidates stuff as I am? Tonight on World News Tonight the topic was that the candidates are finally getting back to real issues instead of their previous discussions on Paris & Brittany. Do we really want either of these men as our president? I sure don't. I want a real person. who answers real questions, & doesn't know everything & isn't afraid to admit it. AHH!!!! Will Americans ever stand up & say that we're sick of this so that maybe the media will listen & change? My husband keeps telling me that we're headed that way, but from what I see there are plenty of journalists making boo-koos of cash, & they continue to put on the airwaves what they want to...what their opinion is. ahh! ok, enough of that.

2. Not quite a goose-egg, but close! Kind of strange, and I wish a picture could explain it, but as I was exiting the inner room of our bathroom, I went to push the door aside so I could step out, and behold a child was hiding behind the door, so it bounced out right as I attempted to step out of the room. I smacked full force into the end edge of the door right between my eyes & now have a bump! maybe it'll turn black & blue or something crazy like that. Oh, the life of a mom. ;) It is wonderful & crazy!

3. I really wish that I had taken a picture of it. not because it was really pretty, but bc I finally made it! Rachael Ray made Ratatiolle the way Remmy did on the movie and I used her recipe & made it for a few of Robbie's summer staffers. (one of them is a vegetarian, so I thought this would be a perfect time to try it out!) & it turned out ok! & so healthy. well, besides the EVOO. Now I may make my own version of it, not quite so spicy & a little more flavorful....but it was fun to do!

4. Lastly, we just got back from our annual trip to SC. I wish we could go out more often!! (not do the drive, but just get to see our family & friends out there more often than 1 or 2 times a year.) We drove all last Wed, got in around 2 am their time, then just mostly relaxed the rest of that day.
The kids had a blast just being silly the first 3-4 hours of the trip:

Robbie drove the whole trip! I started driving for a little while, then the benadryl that I took for a crazy sneezing fit I was having kicked in, so Robbie resumed the's what he looked like all the way out there & back! Listening to his IPOD...mostly to Apologist/Theologian William Lane Craig podcasts.

Friday Robbie's mom & sis took the kids to an educational hands on museum! They had a blast!!! here are some pictures from it:

Then Saturday we did our family trip to Waffle house, taking up 2 booths! yummy!! Then all the family came to visit. They're always so so wonderful to travel to Blythewood to visit us!!! Here's Robbie's grand-dad who always comes to see us when we're in town!

Well, I'm slowly fading as the night goes on, so here's pics from the rest of the visit & a few of the others things we did:
***the beach!!! for 2 days this time!! It was fun. the kids had a blast!!
***Julie took the kids to the PHENOMENAL county library & signed them up for the summer reading program. w/in about 4-5 days they had read over 15 books & got lots of goodies!
***Uncle Jack got cool helicopter things for the kids to make & play with!
***Davis lost his 2nd top tooth! (#4 gone)
***found Ernest Lee "the chicken man" & bought some of his infamous chicken paintings!
***Krispy Kreme! a must on our to do list while in SC