Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictures mainly

hello! so I'm mainly just updating w/ some pictures....
A few from the trip to the water park that our church provided for us, it was sooo fun!! the kids, esp D just LOVES the water: swimming, slides, wave pool, all of it!
A still LOVES our kittens. she checks on them all the time!
This past weekend the kids, mom & I went to Tulsa for a long time friend's wedding....it was the fullest wedding I have ever been to, standing room only! & so fun! got to see some friends I haven't seen in years and it was wonderful!!! The kids helped pass out programs, & funny enough, the other 2 kids passing out programs, I babysat for when they were smaller than my kids are! & now they're almost in middle school!
Then the morning after we got back D was eating a bagel & his very wiggly tooth came out! He talks w/ a little bit of a lisp now, cute!

Keith Family Reunion

Hello family!!!
Robbie & Grandma made a video to show ya'll around the Pine Cove Timbers Cabins...that Pine Cove is letting us use almost for free! we'll get more details to you soon, hope you can all come!

Friday, July 4, 2008

randomness & itchy eyes

Today was wonderfully productive & restful at the same time. I know, that's a bit of an oxymoron....but it just was. Robbie took off work; he's been doing that a bit lately & it has been fantastic for him & for our family. In 7 years at Pine Cove we've never had a real vacation. We go visit family, and thoroughly enjoy it, but time w/ just us, resting together is rare. & although we weren't really together much today, it felt like it. The boy, the girl & I woke up around 8ish, I know, late to most, regular time to us. It was trash day, so like I frequently do on Fridays I rushed out in my pj's & took the trash to the street, wondering if they'd even come today as it's July 4th, but so thankful they did! Oh baby diapers. I had forgotten the lingering smell of baby diapers. pee-yew!!!
anyways, then I did some dishes, made pancakes,get laundry going, let the kittens out of the garage(2 nights ago I got home & found 3 raccoons on the back porch eating their food, while they hid in the corner, so we put them in at night), give them food, do some sewing, Robbie's up, then Robbie mowed & weed-eated (our yard & my mom/dad's), raked, fertilized, watered, I did some more cleaning in my sewing area & finally tackled that growing pile of "just stitch this up" things....& now I look at my sewing area & have a renewed desire to get in there & work! & now that it's 8:25 pm, the kids are sleeping & Robbbie is headed into work to hang out w/ his summer staff for awhile, I just may do some sewing. (was that the longest run on sentence ever?) But first I'm checking my email & facebook to see if all the friends I requested today have confirmed me as their friend. & I've found a dear friend from my Ravencrest year (it's a one year Bible school on a mountain in Estes Park) Then I looked at her blog, then checked out some of my other friends blogs....& now I'm rambling.

I'm waaaaayyyyy too sensitive. Always have been. I read into everything, & frequently worry over my friendships....that I've done something wrong, that they're hanging out w/ someone else more than me, etc etc....(I must've gotten stuck in middle school! ) Ya'll, I even can vividly remember some things I said/did in middle & high school & college that hurt others, & still wish I could go back & fix it. But I constantly remind myself that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, that I have asked for forgiveness, and now I need to move on! Sadly I have passed this trait onto the boy. He gets way worked up when he sins. He thinks he's the worst person in the world, and just cries & puts himself down. Oh to be free from this body of sin!! (Romans does teach that sin has no hold on us anymore.....& yet Paul also talks about doing the things I don't want to do.....sometimes the Bible is just confusing. )
Anyways, the point....well, all that blabbing was to say that God has taught me a little something lately about friendships & I'm so thankful for it. First, I think friendships have seasons, and chapters. & God leads us in different directions, & that can mean either a fading out of the friendship (to connect w/ others in our same situation) or it can mean a wonderful opportunity to invest in my friends, to listen to what God is doing in their life, that is completely different than what He is doing in my life. One of my closest friends (& her family) seems to be heading towards missions w/in the next 3-5 years....& God has lead us in the fostering direction, which is the total opposite, since we can barely take the kids out of the county, out of the countRy is not an option. So what's my point?? not entirely sure, but something like what we've been told since middle school....and what "High School Musical" is all about....We are all different in our own ways, but we can still be friends....good friends....and encourage each other on.

& completely switching gears, if you see me or see pictures of me, I'm not crying all the time...I have some weird itchy eye thing. I went to the dermatologist a couple of months ago because I've had teenager-ish acne for the last year or so. it's clearing up....somewhat, but now my eyes are all scaly, and itchy, and red....& since I scratch at them (more claw actually) they're getting wrinkly like a 70 year old's. Will someone turn me into a TLC show? any will do....10 years younger, what not to wear.....???!!!! hahahaha!!!

I am finally off to sew....and as I always say, pls remember I'm a terrible writer, so if anything doesn't make sense, just ask. :)