Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Mega Update

Alright friends, one more warning that I am NOT a skilled writer....I'm more of a math person. Always have been. & I tend to capitalize things, and miss-spell things out of sheer laziness...and just wanting to get my thoughts out w/o being interrupted. so here goes on a few major things in our life lately:

1. Family Camp:
Robbie is the manager of a large media department at Pine Cove Camps. We have 2 family camps & 5 youth camps in Tyler, and a family camp & new youth camp in Columbus, Texas (nearish to Houston). The past several years they have been shooting video down in Columbus, then mailing the tapes to Tyler to edit. well, now that the "Outback" youth camp is open, they will be doing all their own video & photo editing & copying down there, so robbie spent 11 days setting it all up & training the 4 staff how to do everything. Pine Cove graciously let our family attend family camp for free to get to be w/ Robbie, even though it was just for meals. The kids LOVED it!! & I loved getting to really be a camper. we've been at PC for 7 years & I've never been a camper! Family camp is amazing, I heard at least 2 people say that they & their kids love Pine Cove more than Disneyworld!! I highly encourage ya'll to consider doing family camp for a vacation one year. :)
Our Daily schedule was like this:
8:30 breakfast
9:30 family devotionals
10:00 kids go to their classes where they have Godly counselors pouring into them, they do horse rides, arts & crafts, swimming, Bible studies, songs....etc. Adults go to a speaker sessions, which was wonderful.
12:30 lunch
1:30-3:00 kids back to their classes & adults can do whatever!
3:00-5:00 family free time. there are a ton of things you can sign up to do, but we pretty much just did arts & crafts & swam
6:00 dinner, each night is a different theme, then either they have another adult session, or some type of family fun event!

Now, after telling you all how WONDERFUL it was, I must say that family camp is not for our family. (although I"m still so glad we did it!) I think if you are in "the world" each day, this would be an amazing time for your family to be poured into, parents to really have a break (there is a counselor at each table waiting on you hand & foot, cutting your kids food, feeding your babies, taking your babies when they cry....etc), & for your family to really connect. oh, and for your kids to see some Godly young adults as wonderful role models. I think it's important for our kids to have a Godly lifestyle modeled to them by someone other than just us.

We feel like we already live in a Christian bubble, so I think the more effective things for our family would be like one of our friend's did, is a family mission trip!! maybe in a couple of years when fostering things settle down....
here's some pics from camp:

(if the captions don't show up, let me tell you a bit about a few that need some explaining. One of the theme nights is "what I want to be when I grow up" A of course wants to be a princess, and D has settled on being a jockey, the last few months at least.

A holding up her purse next to a shirtless guy....
A was swinging her fully loaded princess bag around, and plop, it flew into the lagoon, and the crowd of us standing around watched it sink. As she started tearing up a counselor (camp name "I'll be back") took off his shirt & shoes, and in his denim shorts jumped into the lagoon and searched around under water for probably 5 minutes until he found it. oh what a hero!

3. Sewing:
Obviously, I'm not doing much sewing anymore. I am SOOO thankful that God has taken my huge desire to just sew all the time away. my sewing area is sitting untouched & in need of a huge cleanout. so I'll probably sell off some of my fabric. I do hope to sew a few outfits a year, it still is fun, esp smocking!! but, I am amazed at God's wonderful timing & His ability to just remove a desire that drove me for months. He is a GREAT God who really knows all we need.

4. Kittens
Since our life hasn't' been full enough, we decided to get some kittens. On the way home from camp nonetheless!!! We pulled into Brookshires to get milk, saw someone giving away kittens, and got 2! Robbie picked the grey one, his name is Caspian, and I picked the runt of the white litter, her name is Tinkerbell. she is a lilac Siamese, which I hear are very sweet cats. :)